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Carabiner Keychain

Looking for a handy promo product that will keep your brand in the spotlight while also keeping your keys, tools or other gear organized? The Carabiner Keychain from Magnus Pen features a convenient keychain accessory, making it ideal for use while camping, hiking or during any other outdoor activities. The Carabiner Keychain is available in Black, Blue, Red and Green and can be laser engraved with your company name or logo.

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MT-006 Slim Card Multi Tool

MN-003 3-in-1 Magnifier

Dual Plastic Side Slide Action Pen

TG-001 Tire Pressure Gauge

CB-003 Bamboo Cutting Board

KN-006 5 Function Pocket Knife

BK-002 Piggy Shaped Bank

Lindsay Rubberized Aluminum Pen

DW-001 Insulated Thermos

Handy 6-in-1 Multi Tool

KN-010 Maple Steak Knives

Kan Kooler

10 Function Multi Tool with Light

PDA Hamilton Stylus Pen

Golf Divet Tool

DW-017 Hurricane Bottle

CAPTM Trucker Mesh Cap

BBQ-002 Stainless Steel Spatula

KN-007 ABS Plastic Utility Cutter

BS-002 Back Scratcher With Shoe Horn

Triple Slide Action Pen

FL-026 Gun Metal Finish Flashlight

Stainless Steel Flask

Westpoint Metal Plunger Action Pen

Floating Key Tag

20 Ounce Shaker

Muskoka PDA Stylus Pen

Golf Tee Set with Marker

Lite Image Stylus Ballpoint Pen

BG-018 Shopper Tote

Round Bamboo Coaster Gift Set

BO-001 Bottle Opener Coaster

Cyclone Bottle